Flower Songs

Floral Notes That Sing For You

Flower Songs

We believe an organic desire for calm in a busy world sponsors a peaceful connection with the natural beauty of flowers and floral arrangements, art and music. An opportunity to take a breath, if you will.

CAROL AND MARTIN KEMISTER enjoy nature, with Martin qualifying in Horticulture: Arborculture and Carol in Floristry. Both creative folk, their relaxed and joyful outlook is shared with you through their original designs with Martin creating sculptural pieces in ART BY MART. Inhale inspiration here.

FLOWER SONGS began offering unique, one off floral designs. It has expanded to include complementary hand made products from paper crafts including stationery and artificial flowers, to garden art works. Most designs are crafted individually, with an eye for detail, for each client. Please be assured of our professional and personalised service from Flower Songs to meet and exceed your floral expectations. If you should be creatively crafty yourself, Flower Songs are building a library of tutorials you may be interested in. Exhale creatively.

Through their designs their personalised philosophy of celebrating joy and wonderment in the natural world and life's celebrations shines through. Enjoy a few minutes of relaxation browsing through their website which showcases their love of music, nature and artistic design. Don't rush. Breathe.